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This treasure of a book, originally published in 1921, was written in response to a student's request for instructions along with "little stories" to help her prepare for First Holy Communion. In responding to this request, Mother Loyola of the Bar Convent in York, England, succeeded in writing a simple story that illustrates Jesus' desire to share an intimate relationship with each one of His children. In this allegorical tale, we enter into the life of the young girl Flos (or Dilecta as Jesus calls her). We follow her encounters with Jesus as well as her advances and setbacks in the Christian life. This charming story, written for young children over eighty-five years ago, remains a timeless masterpiece of Catholic literature suitable for all ages.

This new edition contains some updated language, but quite deliberately, no pictures. Readers, as they progress through this story, will form a mental image of their King, one as unique and personal as their own relationship with Him. The study sections, as prepared by Janet P. McKenzie OCDS, assist with the allegory, connect to the Bible as well as to the catechism, and explore the art of prayer in the spirit of the three Carmelite Doctors of the Catholic Church.

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The King of the Golden City Study Guide

By: Janet P. McKenzie

Price: $9.95

Publisher: Biblio Resoruce Publications, Inc. : 2009

Seller ID: King SG

ISBN: 978-1-934185-04-9

Binding: 9 x 6 paperback, 112 pages

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The King of the Golden City Study Edition

By: Mother Mary Loyola and Janet P. McKenzie

Price: $19.95

Publisher: Biblio Resource Publications, Inc. : 2007

Seller ID: King PB

ISBN: 978-1-934185-03-2

Binding: 6 x 9 paperback, 164 pages