Catholic Picture Books

McKenzie Family Favorite Catholic Picture Books (listed in no particular order)

 The following list is a great selection of read aloud picture books for all ages:

1.  The Man Who Loved Books (St. Columba) by Jean Fritz, 1981
2.  Martin's Mice (St. Martin de Porres) by Sister Mary Marguerite, 1954
3.  St. Jerome and the Lion retold by Margaret Hodges, 1991
4.  When We Say Hail Mary by Florence M. Hornback, 1934, 1948
5.  Chants for Children by Daniel A. Lord, 1942
6.  The Angel's Alphabet by Hilda van Stockum,1948
7.  Our Lady of Fatima, Catholic Story Coloring Book by Mary Fabyan Windeatt, 1954, 1989          (and all other coloring books by this author)
8.  The Little Friar Who Flew (St. Joseph Copertino) by Patricia Gauch, 1980
9.  The Story of the Three Wise Men by Tomie dePaola, 1983 (and any other Catholic title by this author)

10. Picture Book of Saints by Fr. Lawrence Lovasik, 1988 (and any other title by this author)

The RACE for Heaven series of Nature Poems for Catholic Children has a great selection of recommended seasonal (both liturgical and natural) picture books. Click here to view the picture books suggested in A Winter Season of Nature Poems for Catholic Children.