American Background Catholic Series Books

Publisher’s Description: “. . . for readers [ages] ten to fifteen dealing with . . . Catholic men and women who have played an important role in the history of our Continent. Although most [books] concern those whose contributions were made to the discovery, exploration and development of the United States, the series also introduces. . .the heroes and heroines of Canada and other countries of North America. Great explorers, colonizers, war heroes, pioneer women, missionaries, and persons of achievement in various fields . . . light up the pages of these books.”


Note that many of the American Background books were also published in a Catholic Youth Book Club edition. The original editions—not book club—can be identified by the American Background logos on the front and back end pages—the pages attached to the covers. With a few exceptions—most notably in the later books in this series—most of the titles within this series are plentiful and reasonably priced.


Name of Publisher: P. J. Kenedy & Sons


Ages: 10 and up 

Date of Publication: 1957-1969

Title, Author, and Date of Publication:

1.  Cavalry Hero, Casimir Pulaski by Dorothy Adams (1957)
2.  Colonial Governor, Thomas Dongan of New York by J. G. E. Hopkins (1957)
3.  The Friar and the Knight, Padre Olmedo and Cortez by Flora Strousse (1957)
4.  Adventurous Lady, Margaret Brent of Maryland by Dorothy Fremont Grant (1957)
5.  Sidewalk Statesman, Alfred E. Smith by William G. Schofield (1958)
6.  Chaplain in Gray, Abram Ryan: Poet-Priest of the Confederacy by H. J. Heagney (1958)
7.  Mère Marie of New France by Mary Fabyan Windeatt (1958)
8.  Black Robe Peacemaker, Pierre de Smet by J. G. E. Hopkins (1958)
9.  Charles Carroll and the American Revolution by Milton Lomask (1959)
10. Simon Bruté and the Western Adventure by Elizabeth Bartelme (1959)
11. General Phil Sheridan and the Union Cavalry by Milton Lomask (1959)
12. De Tonti of the Iron Hand and the Exploration of the Mississippi by Anne Heag-ney (1959)
13. Mathew Carey, Pamphleter for Freedom by Jane F. Hindman (1960)
14. Padre Kino and the Trail to the Pacific by Jack Steffan (1960)
15. Knute Rockne, Football Wizard of Notre Dame by Arthur Daley (1960)
16. Charles John Seghers, Pioneer in Alaska by Antoinette Bosco (1960)
17. Margaret Haughery, Bread Woman of New Orleans by Flora Strousse (1961)
18. John Hughes, Eagle of the Church by Doran Hurley (1961)
19. Joseph the Huron by Antoinette Bosco (1961)
20. Rose Greenhow, Confederate Secret Agent by Dorothy Fremont Grant (1961)
21. Fanny Allen, Green Mountain Rebel by Eva K. Betz (1962)
22. Lucrezia Bori of the Metropolitan Opera by John Francis Marion (1962)
23. Padre Pro, Mexican Hero by Fanchόn Royer (1963)
24. Pierre Toussaint, Pioneer in Brotherhood by Arthur and Elizabeth Odell Sheehan (1963)
25. Virgil Barber, New England Pied Piper by Eva K. Betz (1963)
26. Don Diego de Vargas, The Peaceful Conquistador by Rosemary Buchanan (1963)
27. William Gaston, Fighter for Justice by Eva K. Betz (1964)
28. John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Man of Courage by Flora Strousse (1964)
29. Rochambeau and Our French Allies by Milton Lomask (1965)
30. Raphael Semmes, Confederate Admiral by Robert W. Daly (1965)
31. Daniel Duluth, Explorer of the Northlands by David J. Abodaher (1966)
32. Commandant Paul and the Founding of Montreal (Paul de Maisonneuve) by Charles Morrow Wilson (1966)
33. John LaFarge, Gentle Jesuit by Flora Strousse (1967)
34. Father Flanagan, Builder of Boys by Clifford J. Stevens (1967)
35. Princess Isabel of Brazil and the Glittering Pen by Mildred Houghton Comfort (1969)
36. Pedro Menéndez de Avilés and the Founding of St. Augustine by Elaine Murray Stone (1969)


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